Philips (MMD-Monitors & Displays Holding B.V. | AOC International (Europe) B.V.)

While MMD produces and distributes Philips brand displays as a brand licensee, AOC is the leading international brand for gaming monitors and IT accessories. Both companies are part of TVP Technology Limited, the world's largest display manufacturer.

On behalf of our clients MMD/AOC, we carry out regular product training with the sales staff of the national retail branches of MediaMarktSaturn and Euronics. By imparting comprehensive technical and product knowledge, we create the basis for convincing sales advice and at the same time contribute to a consistent brand presence at the point of sale.

Product training

  • In preparation for each product training, we compile all relevant training content such as technical and product specifications, sales pitches as well as the features that differentiate products from those of competitors.
  • We then transfer this learning content into suitable media such as training documents or videos.
  • In addition to scheduling and coordinating training activities with retailers, the commissioned service also includes the entire planning process and organisation of the individual training events.
  • We teach the learning content via face-to-face training in the MediaMarktSaturn and Euronics branches at regular intervals and additionally when new products are launched on the market.
  • Depending on requirements, we also offer on-the-job training with a high degree of practical relevance or as an online event.
  • At the same time, we conduct training activities on how to apply various methods when dealing with potential customers’ objections or concerns.

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